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WinRAR 64 Bit Download Free

This is a tool like RAR Archiver which is used to compress files. There are lot of files contain in the system that are bulk in size, but there due to lack of space it is not easy to compile such files. By using this tool, user can easily backup whole data and can also reduce the file size as well. It is useful to decompress data files, email attachments, ZIP files and lot of other operations are there. It is a complete software tool through which user can do lot of stuff to utilize full potential of memory space. You can also create new Archive and ZIP files after downloading it. It do not only compress files, but also take care of it. It prevents files against loss of quality and to get infected. Unlike other achiever or zip products, WinRAR 64-Bit never spoil content quality of the file. It maintains quality of the files throughout operation. There are lot of new features that are introduced in the WinRAR latest version software tool. User can now compress multimedia files with solid protected compression mechanism. Not only this, it also scan files while downloading it from the email or any other internet website portal.

WinRAR 64 Bit Download Free

Programmable Self Extracting feature is again a new update into the WinRAR. Extraction is basically an operation which tends to open up files contained in the ZIP file and transfer it in separate folder with or without same name. SFX is beneficial for most of the users because it saves time and efforts of users. User do not need to put in efforts to explore files. In other words, if you have download a new ZIP file from either email account or any other terminal, it will automatically extract whole file right after the download process being done. Isn’t it good!

Furthermore, Authenticity Verification is an all new feature serves by WinRAR. It is the process under which you can get complete protection from the spamming and hacking. In authenticity verification, if user sends a file to another user, file will be locked up with particular password given by sender. In case if file might got hacked in between transmission, hacker could not open it. Without putting in proper password of the file, no one can access data contained in file. Hence only the right person or receiver can open this file with verification key given to him by sender. Well this is again a factor to choose this powerful rigid compression unit software over others.

Key features of WinRAR 64-Bit

  • Multivolume archives support
  • Both user interface available – command line and graphical line
  • Drag and Drop feature
  • Folder tree panel benefit
  • Wizard interface
  • Customized themes are available (only in latest version of WinRAR)
  • Windows x64 shell integration
  • Improved multithread support

These are few updates that comes in latest version of WinRAR. You can also get bundle of features that makes it easy to operate with bulky files and convert into a handy tiny file without compromising its quality. It is able to access ZIP and Archives files and have ability to convert files into various extensions. CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO are few of extension that can convert into. Mainly it covers all of file extension within an apt range you can convert files, media etc.

Cost ($6-$8)

WinRAR is not an open source product apart from the free trial version. Basically trial version works up to 40 days and later it will ask for the key. You must need to upgrade it from free trial version to the full version. In fact it has some vast feature that you can get with full version of WinRAR software compression tool. Cost of this ultimate tool ranges from $6 to $8 as according to requirement of the users.


Compact and secure way to compress files without compromising its quality can be done only with WinRAR. You can explore lot of features with it apart from security, compression and zip activities. Just keep it mind while downloading a Zip file software for compression that it must holds the authentication feature. It is the most vital part for a compression tool. Yet according to the recent survey, WinRAR is the only software compression tool that provides such features. But before that, do have a try from the free version software to get bright idea about the mechanism and working of WinRAR. You can download WinRAR 64 bit for free from the official website. In case you have any issue related to find download, let us know in the comment section below. Till then, keep in touch for more freshly brewed updates regarding WinRAR.

Free WinRAR 64 Bit Download

WinRAR could be a 64-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver. It will back up your information and scale back the dimensions of email attachments, decompress RAR, nothing and alternative files downloaded from net and build new archives in RAR and nothing file format. Download WinRAR Offline Installer Setup 64bit for Windows. WinRAR is an archiving utility that utterly supports RAR and nothing archives and is in a position to take out CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives. It systematically makes smaller archives than the competition, saving disc space and transmission prices. WinRAR offers you the advantage of business strength archive secret writing exploitation AES (Advanced secret writing Standard) with a key of 128 bits. It supports files and archives up to 8,589 billion gigabytes in size. Continue Reading

Free WinRAR 64-Bit for Windows 7

You’ll additionally install the unregistered version of WinRAR, the computer code stays usable while not restrictions, even while not registration. Version 5.50 of 14 August 2017 guarantees 2 attention-grabbing innovations. Enclosed is currently the new, larger RAR-5.0 pack format that is additionally recognized by several third-party vendors. By default, however, “RAR4” continues to be active once press files. WinRAR is currently considerably quicker than the competition, particularly once it involves quickly making several little archives. On a contemporary pc with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, make certain to put in the 64-bit version of the package. Once you have got put in the computer code, choose the files and folders that you simply wish to compress in Windows individual. Continue Reading

WinRAR (64-bit) Download For Free

WinRAR 64-bit provides complete support for RAR and nothing archives and is in a position to take out and convert CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, Z, 7-Zip archives. WinRAR offline installer for computer is accessible in over 50 languages. RAR is that the native format of WinRAR archiver. Like different archives, RAR files are data containers, they store one or several files inside the compressed kind. After you downloaded RAR file from internet, you want to get rid of its contents thus on use it. WinRAR provides the complete support for RAR files, so you’ll every manufacture and take away them. It’s a program that enables you to unfasten compressed files, that’s that the file kind you usually receive once you download folders of files from the online. It a 30 day trial and once the trial is up, asks you to buy for the merchandise. Continue Reading

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